Schiavi Roto Caset S

Reference ID
Rotogravure Printer
Roto Caset S
Max. Size
775 mm
August 2022
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  • Number of inking units: 8 pieces
  • Max. mechanical speed: m/min 250
  • Average production speed: m/min 230
  • Average production output: m/h 13800
  • max. material width: mm 775Max. printing or working width: mm 765
  • -dto.- with corona pre-treatment: mm 750
  • Min. printing or working width: mm 380
  • Minimum cylinder circumferences: mm 400
  • max. cylinder circumferences: mm 950
  • Max. roll outer Ø unwinding: mm 820
  • max. roll weight unwinding: kg 1'000
  • Core inner diameter unwinding: mm 152
  • Corona - pre-treatment station Ahlbrandt Systems
  • Back pressure: no
  • Viscosity control: yes
  • Material qualities used Designation: PET, PETmet., OPP, OPPmet., OPA, cellophane
    (XS, MF )
  • Material strengths used: my 10 - 100
  • Control, type, manufacturer: Registron 6100, Bobst
  • Print inspection, print control: video observation; Super Handy Scan 4000, 2012 BST
  • The machine is designed for operation with an axle cylinder,
    which are driven by a vertical shaft. The pressers
    consist of permanently installed carrier rollers and rubber
    Sleeves that can be changed easily and quickly in the machine
    can become. The color containers are in the 16 printing unit carriages
    integrated, which enables a quick job changeover.
    By doubling the number of printing unit carriages
    the follow-up order can be prepared while the machine is running
    will. If you are interested, about 1500 can use the machine
    Cylinders in various circumferences between 400 mm and 960
    mm are accepted.

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