SAM coating

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SAM coating
Max. Size
Min. Size
1250 mm
620 mm
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  • SAM coating machine for Blister Alufoil
  • 2 coating stations
  • 1 for primer (Gravure)
  • 1 for Lackering (semiflexo), from the year 2014, ZERO Km machine
  • Gear in speed: 200 meters per minute (mpm)
  • Production speed: 150 meters per minute (depending on the coating and working condition)
  • Width of web: 620 mm min. 1250 mm max.
  • Width of guide roll: 1400mm
  • Applicable web: Tension range 60-600 N/m
  • Material:  AL-Foil ( 20-50 micron)
  • Roll weight: 1,800 kg maximum
  • Unwind Diameter: 800 mm max.
  • Rewind Diameter: 800 mm max.
  • Steel core: Inner diameter Unwind: 6' air expansion shaft chucking design Rewind: 6' air expansion shaft chucking design
  • Thread speed: 5-20 mpm (user selectable)
  • Acceleration: 90 mpm / sec
  • Deceleration: 90 mpm / sec
  • Line stop: 20 mpm / sec
  • Emergency stop: 6 mpm / sec
  • Electric power: 380V x 50Hz x 3 phase
  • Aluminum foil: 20-50 microns
  • One Unwind
  • Two Web Guides: No.1 Web Guide, No.2 Web Guide
  • Three Infeeds: No.1 Infeed, No.2 Cooling Infeed, and No.3 Infeed
  • Two Coater hubs-No. 1 Coater and No.2 Coater— that can house any of two different Coater trolley units: A two-roll direct gravure coating unit with doctor. A semi-flexo three-roll offset gravure I-type coating unit
  • Two Dryers: No.1 Dryer with 2 dryer zones and No.2 Dryer with four dryer zones
  • Two Cooling Units: No.1 Cooling Unit with two cooling rollers and No.2
  • Cooling unit with three cooling roller and three tempering units for each roller.
  • Two Corona Treaters: No.1 Corona Treater and No.2 Corona Treater
  • One Rewind

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