West river/Simon

Referenz ID
Wj 150 2 ply- 1600
Max. Format
150 m/min.
1600 mm
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  • West River Wj 150 2 ply- 1600 corrugated and Simon/Control-ing laminating machine
  • The machine has never been used. The machine has been ordered, brought to the factory and its packages have not been opened.
  • Asitrade corrugating and lamınatıng or sheeting laminating machine
  • It laminates from cardboard to corrugated and resizes
  • It laminates from endless rolls to corrugated and resizes.
  • If you want, it can only be used as laminating. You need a small apparatus is required for this.(So ​​it can work as sized cardboard and corrugated).
  • There are 4 variable cassettes in our 3 corrugated group, these are E B C F flutes.
  • If you want, you can only corrugate or you can also just sizing and slitting.
  • There is a filiplop on the plastering part.
  • Each roll foot has a splicer.

Machines other than the main machine;

  • There is a Coil Sawmill for sizing bobbins,
  • There is a scrap press (you determine the kg yourself, it is selected from the electronic screen)
  • scrap cardboard shredding machine,
  • Starch and Glue Kitchen
  • scrap transport fans,
  • Boiler room is with deaerators,
  • Steam installation and pipes,
  • Including starch pumps and starch plumbing pipes
  • On the machine, the electrical installation is bala and the bar system is Baxbar.


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